Whatsonit is an affordable licensed data service for publishers to provide mainstream entertainment schedules and information in UK TV, global sports and cinemas nationwide.

Ideal for online businesses or bloggers seeking a competitive edge with up to date content, not only is the data API semantic-friendly to let you pick the information most relevant to you, but we also offer highly functional white-label mobile apps that simply needs a logo and a name to be all ready to release on both iPhone and Android under your branding, saving months and hundreds of thousands in cost of development.

With different tiers of licensing models on both the data and app code packages, you only pay for the data or flexibility you need or can afford; which means if you want to invest in fully operational web services or apps to customise without the overhead and risk of developing it all from scratch, Whatsonit is the ideal and cost-effective solution.

We can also help with app customisation to make it functionally and aesthetically to suit your business needs, offering discounts on data where a customisation service is taken.