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Entertainment Schedule Data & Mobile Solutions

Mobile app development is costly and time consuming, and notoriously difficult to get right at first attempt. These are the main reasons why so many digital service providers and content publishers just do not take the risk; especially since it might take at least 6-12 months to get the app right, only to miss out on opportunitits to utilise the asset to benefit the business. And then there’s the added headache of sourcing legitimate and reliable data, and being able to afford it before making any return.

This is why we have created a cost effective solution that eliminates these risks, offering providers a collection of white- label consumer-friendly mobile apps on both Android and iOS platforms to deliver schedule and information content on TV, Sport and Cinema to their consumers. Simply rebrand with a logo, title and colour scheme, then enable a data service, and the apps are ready to be released on both app stores.

A unique but flexible solution for those who want to add a mobile presence to their business without the risk and overhead, at a fraction of the cost, and with an optional support service, Watson it mobile solutions are for any small or established content provider to enhance their business affordably to reach the mass mobile consumer market.

We have two mobile app solutions with different types of licenses to meet business needs and affordability: